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 Sir Baker Creed Russell, 13th Hussars

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PostSubject: Sir Baker Creed Russell, 13th Hussars   Sir Baker Creed Russell, 13th Hussars I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2009 9:39 pm

"Sir Baker Russell used to say that the duty of cavalry was to look smart in time of peace and to get killed in war."

Sir Baker Creed Russell, 13th Hussars. He had a distinguished career, serving in the Indian Mutiny, the 1st Ashanti War, the Zulu War, the Egyptian War, and the South African War. Stephen Luscombe's "The British Empire" provides a short biography of Russell including details of his miltary service.

Cornet, 6th Dragoon Guards, 2nd 1855;
Lieutenant, do., 1st August 1856;
Captain, unattached, 18th February 1859;
do., 7th Foot, 25th March 1859;
do., 13th Hussars, 3rd October 1862
Brevet Major, 24th January 1865;
Major, 13th Hussars, 15th July 1878;
Brevet Lieut.-Colonel, 13th Hussars, 1st April 1874;
Lieut.-Colonel, 13th Hussars, 29th September 1880;
Brevet Colonel (army), 18th February 1880;
Major General, 1st April 1889;
Lieut.-General, 20th January 1897;
General, 19th December 1903;
Colonel, 13th Hussars, 20th January 1894.

INDIAN MUTINY. On the outbreak of the mutiny, Sir Baker Creed Russell was at Meerut with the 6th Dragoon Guards. He was at Kurnaul when Colonel Gerrard was killed. Was with Seaton's Movable Column at the battle of Gungaree, where on the death of his three senior officers he commanded the squadron and a detachment of the 8th Lancers. On December 17, 1857, he commanded the cavalry at Putteali (mentioned in dispatches) Commanded the cavalry at Mynpooree, and was present at the capture of Bareilly; present at relief of Bareilly; relief of Shahjehanpore; capture of the Fort of Remai and pursuit with destruction of the Fort of Mabundee, the action of Bunkagaon, the operations in Oude, actions of Mohudepore and Russoolpore, attack and capture of Fort Mitoulee, actions of Alligunge and Biswa, and served with the Agra Field Force in Central India in pursuit of Tantia Topee (medal with clasp).

FIRST ASHANTI WAR. At the Gold Coast with Sir Garnet Wolseley in September 1873 on special service. Organised the native " Russell's Regiment," and commanded it throughout the Ashanti War of 1873-74. Commanded the defending forces during the repulse of the Ashanti army at Absakampra on November 5 and 6. His regiment, with Lord Gifford's Scouts, formed the advance-guard of the army from the river Prah to the north-side of the Adansi Hills. Commanded the regiment now forming part of the advance-guard (augmented) under Colonel McLeod at the attack and capture of Adubrassie, the battle of Amoaful, the attack and capture of Becquah, the advance-guard engagement of Jarbinbah, and the skirmishes and ambuscade affairs between Adwabin and the river Ordah, the battle of Ordahsu and capture of Coomassie (mentioned in dispatches several times, Brevet of Lieut-Colonel, Companion of the Bath, medal with clasp).

ZULU WAR. In 1879 accompanied Sir Garnet Wolseley to South Africa and commanded the forces in the operations against Sekukuni, the storming of the stronghold and subjugation of the tribe (mentioned in dispatches K.C.M.G., A.D.C. to the Queen, medal with clasp).

EGYPTIAN WAR. Served in the Egyptian War of 1882, first as A.A.G. for Cavalry and afterwards in command of a Brigade of Cavalry; present at El Magfar and Tel-el-Mahuta, the two actions at Kassassin, the battle of Tel-el-Kebir and the capture of Cairo (mentioned in dispatches K.C.B., medal with clasp, 2nd class of Medjidie, and Khedive's star).

C. R. B. Barrett, History of The XIII. Hussars, William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1911

SUBSEQUENT CAREER. Appointed Colonel of the 13th Hussars on 20th January 1894 with the rank of Major-General. Promoted to General in 1903.
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Sir Baker Creed Russell, 13th Hussars
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